🌅Site Publication Cover

This feature is specific to the Elrond theme. For the visual integrity of the site, you need to fill in this area.

Adding a Cover

  1. After clicking on the ⚙️ Settings icon in Ghost Admin, go to the "Title & Description" tab under the General Settings section.

  2. In this "Site description" field, you create the text for your Cover area. Fill in this field appropriately, and then save it.

  3. Afterward, click on the "Design & Branding" tab, scroll down in the opened window, and find the "Publication cover". The image you add here will be displayed in the Cover area. You can add a icon, logo, or small image.

  4. Finally, click on the "Save" button in the top right corner. That's it!

If you don't add an image to the Publication cover section, only the site description will be visible in the cover area on your homepage.

How to change Cover Image size?

  1. Go to the "Design & Branding" tab in the Ghost Admin panel.

  2. In the opened window, click on the "Homepage" tab in the top right corner, and find the "Cover photo size" settings.

  3. Enter the height dimension of your logo in this field. For example, "120". The width will be adjusted automatically.

  4. Finally, click "Save".

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