💗Header Navigation

This is one of the crucial sections. To perfect your site's main menu, please carefully read the documentation.

There are two types of navigation: "Primary" and "Secondary". The primary navigation is used in the theme header, while the secondary navigation is used in the footer.

If you add more than 5 menus to the Primary Navigation area, an automatic dropdown icon will appear, and menus beyond the 5th one will be listed under this dropdown. Therefore, prioritize your most important 5 menus and place them at the beginning to ensure visibility.

Configure the Header Navigation

  1. To add a navigation, go to "Navigation" settings in the Ghost Admin.

  2. Choose the "Primary" option from the opened window.

  3. After reaching this point, you can remove any navigation item by using the trash can icon to the right of each item. To add new items, type your menu names into the input fields and specify the links for your menus. Click on the icon on the left, and by dragging menus to your desired positions, you can arrange the order.

  4. Once your items are added, click 'OK' to activate.

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