🎯Featured Post

Elrond supports the Featured Post feature. However, there's a point to note. You can only select one Featured Post because Elrond is a minimal theme and has been coded this way to maintain visual integrity.

Featured Post area displays the most recently dated post. Even if you featured an older post, the one with the most recent date will be shown. (The newest among the featured posts.) Please take note of this.

Adding a post to the Featured Post section

  1. Click on the "Posts" tab on the Ghost Admin, and then select the post you want to add to the Featured Post section.

  2. Then, use the icon in the top right corner of the screen to open the "Post Settings" panel.

  3. At the bottom of the panel, you will find an switch that says "★ Feature this post"

  4. Then click on the switch. That is all.

Remove the Featured Post section

This is very easy. If you don't want to use this section, make sure you haven't featured any posts. If you haven't featured any posts, this section will be automatically hidden.

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